Colouring Glass – Glas bunt machen

I really like colourful glas. So what can I do with all my collected glas jars to fit them nicely in my kitchen and for my tinker table? There are many ideas to colour lgas jars from the inside, but I want to store food in, therefore I want to paint it from the outside. First I tried to marble glasses with nail coat.


Terrible result, something get wrong.

Secondly, I tried to colour my jars with glas colour. Better result, but not good enough.IMG_20131027_120926 After days, again, much better, and i varied my technique. That was fun and looks much better.

So here is what i did:
1. glas cleaning: with dish soap and soda, and a scraper for cooking plates (saves my finger nails) to remove the labels. Special clue: some labels are really hard to remove: try it with oil and a hairdryer! Some adhesives are liposoluble.

2. taping with masking tape to have a clear pattern.Glas jars with tape

3. painting: try it dry and wet, dotted or sprinkled, whatever you like!Glas jars coloured

4. let it dry!

5. remove the tapeColoured glas jars with couloured lids

6. I´ve painted the lids with COPPER and with silver.

laquer the lids

7. You can decorate the jars and the lids with nail coat dots, labels or nice masikng tapes – what you like and have around!


I like mine easy cleanable and just coloured.  DSC_0089 DSC_0087

7. fill in rice, quinoa, lights, cockies, nuts ….

9. I also tried to colour jars with the same colour as my kitchen walls, very nice, but not water resistant.


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6 Antworten zu “Colouring Glass – Glas bunt machen

  1. Danke für deinen schönen Kommentar,freu mich.

    Deine Gläser sehen so schön aus,eine Hammer Idee.Muss nur mal genau deine Anleitung durchlesen,smile.

    Liebste Grüsse

    Gefällt mir

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